One of the more important aspects of the ACI philosophy has been always to conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner, understanding our clients’ needs and project goals. From the very beginning we put a lot of attention to detail, we want to add value in every work we do, any decision taken, avoiding double work or mistakes. We believe than one effort is enough, when is carefully planned and executed.


When ACI takes the responsibility of one of our important client´s project, acting as Project & Construction Managers, we take full ownership of that responsibility. We act as part of the team, defending the best interest of our client’s project in any decision taken.


Each professional on ACI will conduct according to the values of the company; those are the key stones on our daily work. The ACI team responsibility is clear to all, but we expect to exceed our client’s expectations, so each project is not just a successful story but a pleasant one.


Each team member in ACI applies our philosophy and works around those principals. We take pride on what we do and we love our work. In ACI we care about what our international clients are expecting from us, we listen and work professionally to achieve common goals.



International Project Management experience with local market knowledge”