ACI is becoming a national leader in property services and offering start to end property solutions to users, developers, property owners and investors around Mexico. We build enduring partnerships with our clients, based on mutual respect, trust and understanding of each client’s needs.

User Representation

ACI offers Real Estate services focused exclusively on the needs and requirements of the business space user. We do not represent owners, avoiding any conflict of interest on your property.

Property Selection

The critical difference between success and failure in corporate Real Estate transactions is the negotiation leverage that can be gained from a thorough understanding of key market demographics, knowledge of the local Real Estate market and the ability to identify the property that fits the needs of our clients.

ACI, as user representative, has the ability to search and review in detail each property, and prepare a selection process that will identify only those properties that will really fit the needs and goals of our clients. We evaluate properties from the market and well known Real Estate companies, with no conflict of interest at all. Our services are paid by our clients and we do not look for gain on any transaction, saving at the end a significant amount of financial resources.


ACI represents our clients on total confidentiality until it is needed, we avoid the over cost of the brand and assure negotiations begins with the right parameters.


Our service for property selection includes:

   Assessment of pertinent site selection factors to meet client business goals, from the Real Estate and Construction point
    of view.

   Development of a list of preferred locations, having a detail evaluation of pros and cons an a long term period evaluation.

   Preparing of a detail negotiation planning, letter of understanding, preliminary contract parameters.

   Preparation of RFP to developers or property owner.

   Negotiations and consulting services for legal contracts.

   Due diligence.

   Project Management consulting services.

International Project Management experience with local market knowledge”